The Top 5 Places To Get The Perfect Instagram Shot In Lagos

Wondering where to get your instagram worthy pictures taken in Lagos?

Even though we complain about Lagos all the time, and study shows that the only other more stressful places to live in are war zones, there is still something magnetic and endearing about the city.

Being the economic and cultural powerhouse of Nigeria, it isn’t really surprising that Lagos is filled with lots of exciting and beautiful places that will keep you engaged. As millennials, we really care about doing it for the ‘gram, and it is amazing how much effort we put into it.

On that note, these are the best spots around the city to get that perfect shot to ring in those likes! If you need more inspiration and more spots, check out Lagosthroughmyeyes on Instagram for the coolest posts from all around Lagos.

The Beach

Have you really lived in Lagos if you haven’t been on a boat ride to the beach? Surrounded by a coast, the city boasts of many beautiful beaches and watersides, with picturesque views perfect to give your Insta-fans tropical holiday vibes.

Konbini Nigeria Office (African Artists’ Foundation)

The art scene in Lagos is buzzing, but there is nowhere else quite as beautifully curated as the Konbini office/African Artists’ Foundation. Even though you didn’t mean to, you’ll find yourself spending hours in there, probably trying to get the perfect shot before you even start looking at the art!

Wérè House

Is it a club? Is it a restaurant? Is it a house? No one knows but it’s provocative, it gets the people going! Owned by Orire Omatsola, founder of Re Lagos, this is the perfect spot for an intimate event and being there is always good vibes.

Nok By Alara

The colourful and vibrant garden at Nok offers more than good food and vibes. With artsy furniture and beautiful greenery, there is a corner of the garden ready for your ‘gram!


Renaissance Hotel, Ikeja

If you live in Lagos, you’ll most likely never need to stay in a hotel, however, this brand new one can lure you in to check in for the weekend! With its gorgeous poolside, and plethora of restaurants and bars, there’s definitely something worth your while.

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9 ways to make Christmas lit in Lagos

I get a lot of street-cred for living in Lagos. ‘How could you survive it?’ ‘The traffic?’ ‘The congestion?’ Truth is Lagos is highly addictive and there is no need to ration how much fun you have.

Here are nine things to do in Lagos over the holiday season. I bet those of you who can’t be there will have a lot of FOMO after reading this.

1. Go to every single exhibition opening

I cannot stress this enough. You must absolutely do exhibitions in Lagos. The art scene literally exploded this year and going to see art is now cooler than every other conceivable social activity. You can meet the artists and talk about their work over some free wine and nibbles.

In my experiences, Lagos artists and their friends are a great set of open-minded people you could try to befriend. If you are lucky, you will probably get invited out to a drink afterwards.
2. Visit the beach

While you can visit Lagos and not go to the beach, I recommend Pop Beach at Ilashe and Tarkwa Bay. If you are heading to Tarkwa Bay, you can catch a Ferry from Fifi’s Marina, opposite Law School for around N3K. Once you get there you, can hire your own tent and beach chairs.

On one side of the the bay, you can swim in the water which is very gentle. On the other side, you can surf or learn to surf with an experienced trainer called God’s Power. Pop Beach is a totally different experience in the sense that it is catered. You can arrange with the owner Akin, a super cool guy, to pick you up usually at the Boat Club in Ikoyi. You can take your own drinks but lunch is served. You just need to rent your cabana.

The best part about Pop Beach is that you can sleep over. So if you need to escape all the family hassle, this is a perfect getaway. Everyone who comes to pop is really friendly and ready to play either in the pool or outside. The downside is that, unless you’re a very strong swimmer, it is not recommended to swim in the ocean as the tide is very strong there.

If you go to Pop, warm up to local celeb @KorraObidi. She is so much fun and full of life.

3.Go to movie nights

You can now find a movie night go to whether it’s an art film held in a cosy spot like Stranger Lagos, an outdoor screening held at the Cafe Neo’s garden by SecretCinema Lagos or the musically themed ones held at Jazzhole. There are many more; these are just the cool ones.

You get to meet people and generally hang out. There are food stands at the screenings held at Cafe Neo. The crowd there is usually the I Just Got Back (IJGB) kids but the friendly ones.

At Jazzhole, it is a slightly more mature crowd. You can have a glass of wine and a piece of pineapple cake to go with the film. There is a discussion held at the end of each screening and there is quite a number of French-speaking people so if you speak French or want to make friends who do, this is your spot. After the screening, people usually head over to Bogobiri or Freedom Park for a drink.

4.Shop at pop-up markets

These are a lot of fun with vintage clothing and custom-made wares like hand painted t-shirts and jewelry on sale. If you want products for your natural hair, this is the place for you.

5. Club at Lagos in the House/Caliente/Slay or go for a more down-to-earth Afropolitan Vibes

I love monthly house music sessions held by Lagos in the House. You can loosen up and dance like crazy. You can get to play the percussion or get tambourines if you want.

Caliente and Slay are also great for clubbing. If you like dancing under the stars – not that you can see many in Lagos – Afropolitan vibes is your best bet.

6.Find your tribe

Trying to take on Lagos alone is a daunting task. If you think you might be lonely, my advice is to reach out to friends who have friends in Lagos and are willing to let you hang with them. Most people I know are open to this even if it’s someone they’ve never met or know nothing about. Lots of hangouts and get-togethers happen at people’s houses. This is a perfect place to bond with people away from the prying eyes of (sometimes judgmental) Lagosians.

7.Do some restaurant hopping – but make sure your wallet is stuffed before you head out

Go to Art Cafe, Delis or Craft Gourmet by Lou Baker for Sunday brunch. Forget the hotel buffets; they are not worth your money.

If you are already missing the sushi life head over to Izanagi or D’Avenue. I prefer the sushi at D’Avenue but their chef is unreliable. Sometimes you go there and they tell you he’s gone on vacation for two weeks.

If you want proper Nigerian food, head over to L’Afric but make sure you aren’t starving when you arrive, it can take up to an hour for your food to come out

If you just want nibbles and to chill, I like Lotus by Pattaya for their awesome indie-electro music. I also like Alara a lot. They have a cute little restaurant called NOK by Alara which serves the smallest but tastiest cocktails in Lagos.

The outdoor space has foosball if you’re not shy to make a fool of yourself in public, unless of course you are pro. All the stuffy people usually sit inside. Outside is also warmly lit, perfect for a romantic something something.  

For coffee, grab a cup at Cafe Neo. If you want to sit and talk, head over to the outlet in Ikoyi. Lots of cool kids go there. You can take a blanket to chill and vibe on the grass. For just margaritas, Bottles has the best margaritas in Lagos hands down!

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The Eat.Drink.Lagos Guide to Lagos Restaurant Week 2017

Lagos Restaurant Week is here again. Whoop

“For three weeks in November, participating restaurants in Lagos will be offering prix fixe lunches and dinners for Visa customers as part of Visa Restaurant Week”

In its third year, Lost In Lagos seems to have finally gotten a hang of things. From the menus, the restaurants are a bit more into it this year unlike last year. There are still some delinquents, but it’s a lot better on the whole. One big change, however, is the sponsor. Out goes MasterCard and in comes Visa. Seems minor, but considering how Nigerian card industry is largely dominated by MasterCard, it might be a challenge to actually get people into it. Lucky for us, we have a Visa card to work with.

If you need to rush to open an account with a bank that issues Visa cards, there are a handful to choose from including Access Bank, Diamond Bank, Standard Chartered, and UBA.

How Lagos Restaurant Week Works

An important note so you don’t find yourself shocked when the bill arrives: VAT, Service and Drinks are not included in the prix fixe. Also, payment must be with a VISA card or mVISA, where available, only

Best Lunch Menu

BL Restaurant – Nosa

NOSA: Before you people fight me about my choice, I want to make it abundantly clear that I love Lebanese food.