In 2018, I will be financially responsible

I remember reading Arese’s book on finances, and at some point she wrote about financial honesty- write a list of all your assets and liabilities. Pull out your bank statements for the past few months to study what exactly you have been using money for.

I struggled to do this, partly because i knew i will be exposing myself to my own financial carelessness.  I have friends that keep ALL their receipts, including the ones from the toll gates- and have a day set aside every week to ‘balance’ their personal accounts. I know  i don’t have that sort of discipline or grit, and was thankful when i found the reach app. REΛCH – Track your expenses and save money

I recently found another app, powered by First bank . It’s called piggy bank- and according to reviews, has lived up to its promises to help you save.  With “penalties” put in place for unscheduled withdrawals and the flexibility of choosing to how often to save, “forces” you to keep your savings commitment.

With piggybanks like this within your Reach (No pun intended), whats your excuse not to be financially responsible in 2018?

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