Coffee In Lagos

My first experience with coffee was in 2013; I can remember the experience very vividly. I had recently re-located and I was struggling. The mix of jet lag, hectic days at work, staying up all night to complete assignments wasn’t easy for me. I came to discover that I wasn’t the only one of my peers going through this stress, however, others seemed to have a better survival strategy than I did. We would get to class at 7am after staying up all night; I’d head straight to my seat where I would commence my usual cranky behavior for the next 8 hours. However, I noticed my classmates would start their days differently, other students headed towards a machine, had a cup of whatever it was, and the came back to their seats looking better than they did before the ‘cup’.

I walked into class one day with my Norwegian buddy and she asked me to come with her to get some coffee. She offered me a cup and I accepted not realizing that a pretty big life change was about to happen right after taking that first gulp. My first cup of coffee turned out to be espresso. After that cup, I was literally bouncing off the walls and had become the morning person I never knew I could be. I never looked back. On weekends, coffee shops became my second home, as I could buy coffee and work at the same time. Plus. Free. Wifi. I had literally stumbled across heaven on earth.

I’ve since returned to Lagos and was very pleased to discover that in my absence, my fellow countrymen had also been bitten by the coffee bug. As I am now transitioning between work and business school, I find myself working out of coffee shops more than ever. One of my recent discoveries and favorite places is My Coffee Lagos. Located on Adetokumbo Ademola, the quaint space is bright and airy with an array of indoor and outdoor seating space and free.Wifi, which is a huge plus in Nigeria. With the shop being centrally located and a favorite of the international crowd in Nigeria, the shop is NOT ideal if you can’t work with distractions, as you WILL be interrupted by neighboring conversations. The food is also pretty amazing although much pricier than other well-known cafes. For more details on the menu and the cafe, check out the reviews below from two of our favorite food blogs; Foodie in Lagos and Eat.Drink.Lagos.

Bon Appetit!